Oct 19, 2023


Start of Registration


Opening (Aula)


Session 1 (Aula)

Frauke von Bieberstein
University of Bern
Multi-step Delegation and the Frequency of Immoral Decisions: Theory and Experiment

Holger Herz
University of Fribourg
Perceived Legitimacy of Power and Subordinate Motivation

Valeria Burdea
LMU Munich
The Market for Lemons and Liars


Session 2 (Aula)

Ernesto Reuben
NYU Abu Dhabi
Rational Cooperation and Reputation Effects

Carlos Alós-Ferrer
University of Zurich
Noise and Bias: The Determinants of Decisions Under Risk


Keynote Lecture (Aula)

Jean-Robert Tyran
University of Vienna
Valuing Democracy

from 18:15

Social Event: Apéro (Entry Hall)

with Welcome Address by
Karin Moser
Rector of UniDistance Suisse


Oct 20, 2023


Session 3L (Seminar Room B18.003)

Leonard Wolk
VU Amsterdam
On Generosity in Public Good and Charitable Dictator Games

Irenaeus Wolff
Thurgau Institute of Economics & U Konstanz
Rights, Duties, and Taboos: The Social Codex of Peer Punishment

Christian Thöni
University of Lausanne
The Complementarity of Good Institutions and Voluntary Cooperation: Experimental Evidence from 43 Societies

Session 3R (Seminar Room B18.005)

Adrian Chadi
University of Konstanz
There Is No Place like Work: Evidence on the Behavioral Compensation of Ill-Health

Carina Ines Hausladen
Caltech & ETH Zurich
Examining Discrimination: From Social Perceptions in Labor Markets to Stereotype Structures in Text-to-Image AI Models

Mirco Tonin
Free Univ. of Bozen-Bolzano & FBK-IRVAPP
Wage Expectations and Access to Healthcare Occupations: Evidence from an Information Experiment


Session 4L (Seminar Room B18.003)

Moti Michaeli
University of Haifa
Are Anti-vaxxers Anti-social?

Markus Dertwinkel-Kalt
University of Münster
What Drives Gas Savings in the Energy Crisis?

Session 4R (Seminar Room B18.005)

Fidel Petros
WZB Berlin & Berlin School of Economics
Do Statements from Governmental Economic Institutions help to foster Tacit Collusion?

Sergio Mittlaender
MPI for Social Law and Social Policy
Conflict & Tort Law


Session 5L (Seminar Room B18.003)

Diego Marino Fages
Durham University
Migration and Trust: Evidence on Assimilation from Internal Migrants

Andre Hofmeyr
University of Cape Town
The Trust Game: Salience, Beliefs, and Social History

Gökhan Aydogan
University of Zurich
CHASE - A Bayesian Model for Characterizing Mentalization during Strategic Interactions

Session 5R (Seminar Room B18.005)

Francisco Gomez Martinez
University of Fribourg
Measuring Intrinsic Preferences for Power

Florian Engl
University of Regensburg
Control Aversion in Hierarchies

Jana Freundt
University of Fribourg
Preferences for Choice Autonomy and Political Identity


Session 6L (Seminar Room B18.003)

Lina Lozano
NYU Abu Dhabi
Attribution of Failure and Success in Strategic Settings

Mongoljin Batsaikhan
Middlesex University London
Gender Differences in Competitive and Charitable Preferences

Cornelia Chadi
Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen
Physical Attractiveness and Gender Role Models

Session 6R (Seminar Room B18.005)

Georgia Michailidou
NYU Abu Dhabi
Concealing, Anticipatory, Premeditated Lies

Christoph Drobner
TU Munich & UniDistance Suisse
Motivated Belief Updating and Rationalization of Information

Marc Kaufmann
Central European University
Understanding Markets with Socially Responsible Consumers

from 19:00

Conference Dinner: Restaurant Schlosskeller, Brig


Oct 21, 2023


Session 7L (Seminar Room B18.003)

Lingqing Jiang
University of Essex
Risk Taking Behaviour in Competition: A Study under Three Different Rules of False Start in Sprints

Weijia Wang
Norwegian School of Economics
Let Them Race: beliefs, fairness views, and choice of bonus schemes for others

Luis Santos Pinto
University of Lausanne
Does Overconfidence Lead to Bargaining Failures?

Session 7R (Seminar Room B18.005)

Eugenio Verrina
Sciences Po Paris
Incentives, Beliefs, and Complicity in Group Dishonesty

Manuel Muñoz Herrera
Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research
How Explicitly Targeting Disadvantaged Groups Impacts their Take-up of an Educational Program

Sascha Behnk
IU International University & University of Zurich
Philalgorithmy - On the perceived life-likeness of machine-learning algorithms

from 10:45

Social Event: Hiking in Zermatt*

Departure at UniDistance campus in Brig at 10:45
Return to UniDistance campus in Brig at 19:00 (at the latest)

*If weather allows (fingers crossed). Otherwise, there will be a tasting of wine and cheese at a local winery.